How does this work?

Dustfolio application allows you to simply create a portfolio accessible from a custom address such as

The portfolios are customizable and visible on three types of screens: computer, tablet and mobile phone.

We have constantly upgraded the Dustfolio application to allow automatic referencing in search engines, a simple and intuitive ergonomics for visitors, and a visualization adapted to different screen formats (responsive design).

Dustfolio currently has more than 49,000 active portfolios, a selection is regularly made to highlight the portfolios that could interest the professionals who consult the site.

The use of the Dustfolio software is free, but limited by the number of galleries and images. A formula of 6 or 12 months makes it possible to extend this restriction of the number of images; you will find all the information on the page "Dustfolio formulas".

You can design your homepage as you wish, with your contacts, your visuals, your colors, backgrounds, styles … A page manager allows you to have more flexible and important content.


The portfolios are classified by domains:

– graphic

– artist

– Illustrator

– Youth Illustrator

– Object Designer

– Web Designer

– Photographer

– Architect

– Stylist

– Varied Artistic director

– Set Designer

These portfolios thus created are regularly selected and put forward on the home page of the site, the monthly newsletter presents the selections of the month. This principle has allowed to create since 2006 more than 50 000 books of which 10% are selected.

The main features:

– Complete customization of your book

– Personal address for your book

– Hosting

– Unlimited updates

– Online Content Editor

– No advertising on your book

– Ability to add flash sequences

– Free

– Adaptation of portfolios according to the type of screen (computer, tablet, mobile)

For any questions, you can contact us by mail We answer in priority to the people who subscribed to the plans.


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