Conditions of use

Using the Dustfolio software

The service is designed to promote the dissemination of graphic work or information on different areas of interest and activities.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether local, national or (where applicable) international, and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all operations or programs of content under your username and password. This provision also applies to all e-mail messages that you send as well as to all exchanges or activities taking place within the mailing lists that you manage or subscribe to under these username and password. In particular, you agree that you will not create, use, or even use a list that relates to the items listed below, make any reference to it, or send any e-mail message containing any of the following:

1. support for inciting violence or hatred;

2. pornographic or similar media;

3. media in violation of privacy laws;

4. content or media violating the property rights of third parties;

5. incentives to violate the Penal Code and laws in general;

6. other illegal content;

7. dangerous computer programs of the virus type or otherwise;

8.hyperlinks to pages in violation of the rules set out above.

Any resale of the service for commercial purposes, its use or its access is prohibited.

You acknowledge to release Dustfolio, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, its management and its employees from all financial losses, liability, claims, damages, costs (including legal costs) resulting from the use by a third party attributable to your non-compliance with this Agreement.

Reproduction rights are reserved. The content obtained through the service is intended exclusively for the private and personal use of the user, unless otherwise agreed. The display of data authorizes the user for individual use. Reproduction, dissemination, reprinting is not permitted without the express permission of the author.

By submitting information through the service, you acknowledge granting to Dustfolio, its replacements and its representatives, the authorization, under your copyright or (if any) of your intellectual property rights, to broadcast, to display your media as part of the site.

You note and agree that Dustfolio has the ability to display images and text at any location of the service; sponsors' contributions may be included in messages sent via mailing lists, forums or newsletters, via e-mails. Dustfolio reserves the right to insert advertising banners in e-mails or newsletters sent through it.


Dustfolio is not responsible for the content of the web pages, kept or exchanged with the Dustfolio software, and is not necessarily in agreement with these contents. You acknowledge that the views and opinions expressed in certain content submitted to the Dustfolio software do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Dustfolio, its management and its staff. You irrevocably agree to hold Dustfolio harmless against any claims by third parties resulting from content submitted by you or your use of the Dustfolio software.

Dustfolio contains hypertext links to other Internet sites, resources or members connected to the service. These links are provided to you only as a convenience. You irrevocably acknowledge that Dustfolio is not responsible for the content or availability of these external resources, and in no way does the inclusion of links imply endorsement by Dustfolio of such resource or association external with its operators. All complaints about these sites will have to be directed to the webmaster or the owner of the said site.

Any business relationship with a third party (including advertisers) includes the use of the Dustfolio software and participation in promotions, including the issue and payment of goods and services and all other terms, conditions, warranties and conditions or representations related to such business relationships or promotions, are only between you and the advertiser or any other third party. Dustfolio will not be responsible for any of the parts of such business reports or promotions.

Dustfolio reserves the right in any discretion to review any content sent or submitted to the Dustfolio software. If, on the content, Dustfolio considers that you have violated these terms and conditions, it may, without liability, suspend your access to the Dustfolio system, as well as delete your account.

In addition, Dustfolio reserves the right (which does not constitute an obligation) to delete any lists or accounts that we consider inactive and delete any account that sends unsolicited advertising mail, Spam or other form of unsolicited commercial eMails. Dustfolio will have no obligation to notify you or provide reasons for such deletion, suspension or termination. If Dustfolio considers that you are responsible for the violation of any applicable law, Dustfolio reserves the right to deliver any relevant content to the relevant government or other authorities.

Cancellation of service

You can cancel your Dustfolio account at any time directly online.

Despite the other terms and conditions, Dustfolio reserves the right (which does not constitute an obligation under any circumstances) to check, suspend the account of any user (including yours) without prior notice and so to delete all associated content. Dustfolio will have no obligation to notify you or provide reasons for such suspension, or erasure.


The use of the Dustfolio software is entirely at the risk of the user. While Dustfolio strives to provide continuous service and system availability, you acknowledge that the services provided may not be operational or accessible at any time, both on registration and on use. . The operation continues without error or the total availability of the software Dustfolio is not obvious. Also you acknowledge that emails sent by Dustfolio can not always be delivered to the recipient.

Dustfolio reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change aspects of the site, or to completely stop the Dustfolio software.

Liability and Indemnity

Dustfolio does not provide you with any warranty (implicit or explicit) in connection with the Dustfolio software. In accordance with the law, Dustfolio will have no liability for any damages (including loss of profits or loss of data or other economic loss) arising from the use of the Dustfolio software. For technical reasons, the permanent accessibility to the services of Dustfolio is not a right. In particular, Dustfolio reserves the right to determine time slots and modify them in the short term, to limit access to certain services, to restrict or modify the offer as a whole.

You irrevocably agree that if you are unsatisfied with any part of the Dustfolio software, or with any of these terms and conditions of use, your unique and exclusive remedy must stop using the Dustfolio software.

You agree to protect, defend and, if required, indemnify and hold harmless Dustfolio and its associated companies, suppliers, factors and pickup companies and their respective employees and employees from time to time, from all and any what financial loss, liability, claims, damages or expenses (including legal expenses) resulting from your use of the service or any breach of these terms and conditions. Dustfolio reserves the right without liability to take such action in its sole opinion as is necessary to protect itself from the consequences of your actions without freeing you from your responsibility.

Modifications of the present general conditions of use

Dustfolio reserves the right to modify these terms of use. This right shall apply in particular where mandatory legal provisions or the extension of the offer of use will make such modifications necessary. The modifications of the present conditions will be brought to the knowledge of the user by electronic way in the form of email. They will be considered accepted if the user makes no objection in writing or by email. This consequence will be notified by Dustfolio to the user at the same time as the announcement of the modification. The user will have to indicate his opposition to Dustfolio within one month after the announcement of the modification.


If any provision of these terms and conditions is considered by a court or other competent authority to be invalid and / or unenforceable, we will take steps to make this provision valid and / or enforceable in accordance with our terms and conditions.

With regard to the use of the Dustfolio site and the services it offers, the present conditions are only applicable. No other condition may be considered as included in this Agreement, even though it is not explicitly rebutted. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and Dustfolio with respect to your use of the Dustfolio software.

Applicable Laws

With regard to the use of Dustfolio, the French law is only applicable. The competent court for the user representing a company is the Paris Commercial Court.

If any of the regulations set forth herein were to be ineffective or impossible to implement, the application of the other regulations would not be affected in any way. In such a case, it would be appropriate to replace the inapplicable or inapplicable regulation with a rule that is as close as possible to the economic content of the no-effect regulation or the inapplicable regulation.




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