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Copyright in France is governed by the law of March 11, 1957 and the law of July 3, 1985, codified in the code of intellectual property.

Are my images protected by copyright on Dustfolio?

Yes, as everywhere else, all the productions and works of the spirit are protected by the right of author (The copyright in France is governed by the law of March 11, 1957 and the law of July 3, 1985, codified in the code of intellectual property.)

Are my images copiable from my book?

Yes, like all images on the web. A simple screenshot (see picture of the screen) can copy everything that is displayed on the screen. For the moment, there is no way to effectively protect the content posted on the web. However the use or dissemination of an image without permission of the author is legally reprehensible. (see copyright)

One of my images was used without my permission on a website!

Send a simple email to the site manager to assert your copyright. In case of no response, send a registered letter with a reminder to the law of protection of works (art …). If you still do not have an answer consult a lawyer.

I used an image or an image fragment as a base or fragement of one of my works, it can be a problem?

Yes, to the extent that the author of the image that served as the basis of your work can hold you to account and enforce his copyright. Example: An illustrator uses photos published in a magazine as a template to make his illustrations.

I just noticed that one of my images is used in a book without my agreement!

Send an email to the author of the book, in case of no response or no withdrawal of the image in question, use the contact form specifying the link of the image in question, the book and also specify the elements that we prove that it is indeed one of your images (mail sent to the author of the book, website, publication, deposit …). In case of manifest copyright infringement we will delete the image in question.

Is it possible to automatically embed a copyright on my images?

No, but you can do it manually with proper software.