Personal data

The information you enter on the Dustfolio app is fully editable by yourself. You can delete them permanently from the "my account" menu (menu on the right) and then click on "Delete my book" at the bottom of the page. (Attention this operation is irreversible).

The selections newsletter is linked to your account, so once it is deleted you will not receive it anymore …

If you no longer have your password, use the menu on the right "Forgot your password?" In case of change of mail (or connection problem): send us an email with the identifier of your book and a valid email address, we will have to check if this book belongs to you well.

If you have created multiple accounts, you will need to do so for each account.

The referencing of your book on the search engines will be updated a few days to a few weeks later, following the policy of updating the engines in question (google, yahoo …). Unfortunately, we have no way to speed up search engines' taking into account changes in the Dustfolio application. No way to intervene on a specific content of the search engines (they alone decide what they want or not to take into account in their results …)


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