Video tutorial


1. Portfolio menu


1.1 Format of images RGB at 72dpi,

RVB à 72dpi,
Jpeg format, png or gif

No more 2 000 pixels wide
No more than 1 Mo

(if you use Photoshop, do "save for the web")


1.2 Add a portfolio

How to add a portfolio, modify its name, move it, load several visuals at once, and replace / modify an already loaded image.



1.3 Management of portfolios

With a simple drag and drop, you can change the order of the visuals, or move them from one portfolio to another.












2 Page Editor menu

2.1 Add a biography page

Add a biography page with the page editor, work in full screen mode and insert an image.






2.2 Insert a video into one of your pages

How to insert a video Vimeo, Youtube … on one of your pages.



3 Book Template

3.1 model choice and customization​

Select your portfolio template and customize its appearance from the "Edit Appearance" menu











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