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Model Zoom

Ce modèle de portfolio est le dernier créé pour Dustfolio, nous avons particulièrement soigné l’expérience utilisateur avec un effet de zoom rapide qui permet de toujours situer les images agrandies sur la page d’accueil. The arrival of the content pages is fluid and avoids a reloading of the page. The contact menu will finally allow you to have a permanent link with your customers.


Model Grid

All portfolios and pages are presented as a horizontal grid for greater ease of access. Loading content is smoother and faster. (Without reloading the entire page) Finally, the image galleries are optimized for touch screens and allow images to be viewed in full screen or as a contact board.


Model Classique

Le modèle classique est une déclinaison actuelle du modèle historique Dustfolio. Comme les deux autre modèles il gère parfaitement l’aspect design adaptatif (responsive design). The principle of "contact sheet" under the headings allows to keep an overview of the work. You can also add a menu at the top of the page, which points to the home page, the portfolios and the content pages. The particularity of this model is the possibility of adding a home page with for example the content "a home page", or a simple image.


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